About Us

Bespoke Risk Management Solutions

We offer a suite of mission-critical risk management and safety training solutions to the public, as well as for private and corporate clients.  In addition to our training products, we provide Ontario gun club listings and an online retail shop featuring our branded merchandise and products of interest to the firearms and prepardness community.

In 2007, we started by forming a highly skilled team of instructional staff, all active service law enforcement officers, able to deliver the Canadian Firearms Safety Course/Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course to a growing group of clients seeking employment in the armed public safety and private security sectors.

Since then we have expanded from certified firearms training to include first aid/CPR/AED courses, professional mobile surveillance training, pleasure craft safety and operator training, and more.

We have become one of the fastest growing provider of this type of training and now serve three regions: Our base area in the Greater Toronto Area/Mississauga, and now Hamilton and Niagara regions.

As we continue to expand our training coverage and courses offered, we are also able to deliver a tailored product list and full featured gun club and shooting range directory listings.

Corporate Profile

Wellesley Consulting Services Inc. is federally incorporated.  The company is based in Mississauga, Ontario.

GTAGunSafety.com is our dedicated firearms safty training website and brand used to market our certified firearms safety courses.

We offer opportunities for certified instructors who wish to join our team, to learn more contact us at jobs@wellesleyservices.ca.