Firearms Classification

Firearm Classification in Canada
This short course will introduce the firearm classification system used by Canadian firearms laws.
Module 1 Introduction to Canadian Firearms Laws  
This module will introduce the sources of Canadian firearms laws.
Unit 1 Legal definition of a firearm
Unit 2 The Criminal Code and Firearms Act
Unit 3 Exemptions in law
Unit 4 Firearms Laws Quiz
Module 2 Legal Classifications of Firearms  
This module will introduce the three legal classifications for firearms in Canada.
Unit 1 3 Classes of Firearms
Unit 2 Importance of classification
Unit 3 Non-restricted firearms
Unit 4 Restricted firearms
Unit 5 Prohibited firearms
Unit 6 Classification Quiz
Module 3 Determining the Classification  
This module will discuss the tools and techniques used to classify a firearm.
Unit 1 Steps to Determine Classification
Unit 2 Is it a firearm?
Unit 3 Type of firearm
Unit 4 Type of action
Unit 5 Researching the firearm
Unit 6 Determining classification quiz
Module 4 Final test  
This module contains the final test of your knowledge for this course.
Unit 1 Firearm classification final test
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