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  • Sale! Tender Corporation's SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Origin Kit contains many essential tools and supplies for combatting nature when caught out of doors.

    Adventure Medical Kits SOL® ORIGIN™

    4 out of 5
    $67.20 $35.87

    SOL® ORIGIN™ Survival Kit – the redefined travel survival kit.

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  • Celox Z Fold Gauze

    Celox Rapid Ribbon Z Folded Gauze Package

    • 1-Inch x 5-Feet
    • Z folded
    • High Density
    • Hemostatic blood clotting gauze
    • For narrow entry wounds
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  • Israeli Bandage

    Israeli Bandage Battle Dressing First Aid Compression Bandage

    • Vacuum-sealed, low-cube packaging; quick and easy self-application
    • Israeli battle dressing (IBD) – size 6 inch wide and 70 inch long
    • Hemorrhage control compression bandage

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