AR RIFLES Digital Guide

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AR RIFLES Digital Guide on DVD Rom.  A comprehensive, searchable resource listing 1,300 AR rifle variants with full specs, pricing, and more.  Ideal for any AR rifle enthusiast, armourer, collector, or competition shooter.

ISBN 978-0-98530544-4

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Brand new from Impressum Media Inc., who also publish their comprehensive Firearms Guide, 5th Edition on DVD, this digital guide offers full details and specs for 1,300 AR variant rifles in calibres ranging from .22LR to .458 SOCOM.  Each rifle is described in detail with technical specs, features, prices, and up to 12 high resolution pictures.

The guide is fully searchable, and offers a quick way of categorizing and sorting AR rifles by calibre, price, manufacturer, barrel type, country, and more.

ISBN 978-0-98530544-4

For Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.  Format: DVD Rom.

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