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Firearms Classification

Firearm Classification in Canada
In this course you will learn the three legal classes of firearms in Canada, how to identify which firearms fall into these categories, and who may possess or acquire them.
Module 1 Introduction to Canadian Firearms Laws
This module will introduce the sources of Canadian firearms laws.
Unit 1 Intro to Firearms Classification
Unit 2 Legal definition of a firearm
Unit 3 The Criminal Code and Firearms Act
Unit 4 Exemptions in law
Unit 5 Firearms Laws Quiz
Module 2 Legal Classifications of Firearms
This module will introduce the three legal classifications for firearms in Canada.
Unit 1 3 Classes of Firearms
Unit 2 Importance of classification
Unit 3 Non-restricted firearms
Unit 4 Restricted firearms
Unit 5 Prohibited firearms
Unit 6 Classification Quiz
Module 3 Determining the Classification
This module will discuss the tools and techniques used to classify a firearm.
Unit 1 Steps to Determine Classification
Unit 2 Is it a firearm?
Unit 3 Type of firearm
Unit 4 Type of action
Unit 5 Researching the firearm
Unit 6 Determining classification quiz
Module 4 Final test
This module contains the final test of your knowledge for this course.
Unit 1 Firearm classification final test